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Terms & Conditions

General conditions of sale

The general conditions of sale are automatically accepted after confirmation by order and reception of repetative supporting document (sales document) issued by INFORSILVA | Computer Solutions.


How delivery works?

  • In INFORSILVA you can make your own shopping of the most varied forms, by Online Store, comfortably, from home or office, and getting in the place set by you or lifting in our physical store. Simple!

  • Orders can also be made in writing and addressed to the commercial department, via E-Mail or over the phone, speaking with a collaborator available for this purpose. Contact us here.


Schedules - We choose to be flexible!

You can count on us from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m to 12:30 a.m and from 2 p.m to 7 p.m. Isn't our schedule compatible with yours? We know that time is precious. Ask to call you back! Click here to be redirected.



  • Sales prices and payment terms are according to the price table at any time for the products and services provided by INFORSILVA | Computer Solutions, which may be changed without prior notice.

  • No credit notes are issued if there are price reductions after billing the products and services previously purchased.



  • The product / order will only be delivered upon payment, by cash, check, bank transfer or cash on delivery, according to the conditions stated in the sales document.

  • Regardless of whether or not there is credit, values less than € 100 pertaining to products and / or services will be paid at the time of payment.


Property Reservation

  • The ownership of the articles provided by INFORSILVA, will only be transmitted to the Customer after fully paid the respective value, plus any default interest due and/or indemnification (if the payment is not in accordance with the conditions of sale established in the document accompanying the product / service).

  • If the value corresponding to the delivery of the articles is paid by bank check, it is understood that their value is only fully paid after the respective check obtains good collection.


  • In the event that the Customer fails to pay the price on the due date, INFORSILVA shall have the right to demand default interest until full payment at the statutory rate of commercial interest, established pursuant to paragraph no. 3 of Article no. 102 of the Commercial Code, from the due date in question.

  • The Cutomer shall also, in case of non-compliance, pay INFORSILVA the expenses and charges arising from the judicial collection of the debt, including attorney's fees and the amount of € 48 for administrative expenses.

  • In the absence of a Customer designation, INFORSILVA may charge the payments made by the Customer to the compensation of the Customer's pre-existing debts, in accordance with the superlative rules established in article no. 784 of the Civil Code.

  • The payment made by the Customer that does not arrive to cover what is due, will be charged on account, successively of the expenses with the collection of interest of delay.



  • All products provided by INFORSILVA benefit from the warranty period granted by their manufacturers. INFORSILVA transmits only the manufacturer's warranty and conditions to the Customer.

  • All products that are within the warranty are accepted, provided that they are properly accompanied by the purchase invoice and in good condition.

  • In case of a stock break, and based on the current table, it may be proposed to exchange the product for a similar one by paying the differential value.

  • If none of these solutions is feasible, the product will be sent to the manufacturer, and the repair/replacement period will be solely the responsibility of the manufacturer.


A return can be made up to a maximum of 8 working days, only when duly justified and approved by INFORSILVA, and the product must be in perfect state of preservation and complete - packaging, manuals, cables, accessories, etc. ). Subsequently, the credit will be made according to the price table.


Intellectual Property Rights

INFORSILVA is not responsible for the possible violation of commercial protection rights or intellectual property rights of third parties, in which they may incur the products marketed. The Customer shall immediately inform INFORSILVA of any claim for such reason.


Software Terms

About the Software products provided under these General Conditions of Sale, it is understood and agreed that the term "Purchase" or similar terms shall be construed as "Licensing" and that "Purchaser" or similar terms shall be construed as "Licensee ". Ownership of the materials subject to license is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The Software provided does not include version updates and Software updates, which may be provided independently and will have an associated cost.

Technical Support

  • For the technical support carried out at INFORSILVA installations, it is necessary to clearly state the respective fault and for the on-site support (Customer's premises) to be made prior to the date of the request.

  • For out-of-warranty equipment, and when the budget is less than or equal to € 30, repairs will be made without Customer's approval, unless the Customer expresses an interest in a paper budget request in advance. Otherwise, INFORSILVA will debit the amount of € 30.

  • When a malfunction caused by improper use is found on an equipment, the value of the repair will be charged regardless of whether or not it is under warranty.

  • In no case may INFORSILVA be liable for data, programs, software or parameterizations installed on products delivered for assistance.


Limitation of Liability

In no case shall INFORSILVA be liable to you or any other individual or collective personnel for any incidental, special, consequential or other indirect damages. Including, but not limited to, lost profits, lost or destroyed data on the part of the Client (if these are the result of INFORSILVA, it will be liable for material damages caused under the General Data Protection Regulation, After-Sales Service of each manufacturer, even if it is in charge of INFORSILVA, will be the manufacturer to be responsible for their loss) or other economic or commercial damages, even if INFORSILVA and/or its partners have been notified of the possibility of occurrence of such damages, or that their occurrence is predictable. Under no circumstances will we be liable for claims brought by third parties. INFORSILVA's total liability to you will not exceed the amount you paid for the purchase of your product or service and when it occurs less than 6 months after the solution, whether hardware, software or service. The limitations of liability contained in this paragraph shall apply even if the breach or alleged serious breach consists in breach of a fundamental condition or term or constitute a serious breach of the terms of this license.


General Notes

  • INFORSILVA shall not be liable for any typographical errors.

  • To all referenced values, VAT is added at the legal rate in use.

  • The present General Conditions are sent to all INFORSILVA's Customers, the alleged lack of knowledge of these General Conditions, does not rule out its applicability.


Applicable Law and Pact of Jurisdiction

  • The commercial transactions and that is a part of INFORSILVA, are subject to these General Conditions of sale, except when there is a written agreement between the parties, and are governed by the private Portuguese law.

  • For all litigation issues arising from any supply made, the parties choose the forum of the Felgueiras district, expressly renouncing any other.

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