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The INFORSILVA | Computer Solutions began your activity on september 2006, with the actual founder and CEO Joel Silva, in a difficult time where the Felgueiras business area looked for a cycle of transformation transformation. At that time we believed in our value, we felt a market without any positive changes, but at the same time with necessity of real alternatives, accessible and quick solutions to everyone, without any exception. Our bet has been directioned into a plenty of diversity market and none specific (shoe industry, accountants, stores, and many others), always beting on the support quality and on good relationship with the organizations/particular. Because we know that the Technology need to bring to all, in equal to make people grow in balanced levels. Always believing that, the good use of the same can make grow the competitive World that we live.

We have an package of services and solutions totally directioned to all those is necessary to turn the days of an office and organization more efficient and clever as possible, on a way can be reflected on your capacity to answer better as possible to your Customers and Partners, in order to your company be easily an reference!

Services and Distribution Channels

We are everywhere, at any time - The choice is yours!


Felgueiras - Located in the city center (Felgueiras), on side of ESTG - Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Felgueiras, it was an estrategical option that came unveil extremmelly important to our increasing process. Our Customers choosed us, and on other way, we had thinked in those that we decided launch with this project making the best to them, on the other hand will be the best for us. Counting with an IT Center doted with technological and human resources, we gave to you a very good competitive time of response, to Business Customers as well Single Customers.




In our portal, as well on the social media Facebook & Twitter, you can stay in touch directly with us, to keep up to date about the services that we offer thinking about your needs, access to updated products and delivery price requests, online store on, as well the contact by phone and E-Mail. We are here to help you, we have everything you need.

Remote Access


By phisic or by distance, we have one permanent remote assistance service, that in seconds, we can pass to the command of your company, to help you to found the source of your problem and, by the intuitive mode, solve them. You can obtain the remote support by our web page.


Geographical availability


We work around some cities of the north of Portugal, with very competitive prices and delivery dates, giving to you total warranty of quality about our computer solutions, so that your office never miss a thing to stay always a step ahead.




Actually we have 4 vehicles to support our services by the way to propose a quick answer time to Customers. We have one structure with capacities to serve since the more small company to the medium range organization, always focused on reasonable price and quality.



Continue to provide and offer affordable solutions with the quality that characterizes us.



Be a reference between all technological solutions.



The best solution - Innovate

Sharing Information on Technology - The Key to Success

Professionalism - Integral Customer Orientation

Acting with Integrity - Team Success

About us


Customer Support

Monday to Friday

From 9 a.m to 7 p.m


+351 255 341 132



INFORSILVA has solutions for Companies and Individuals

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