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Environmental responsibility

As a IT solutions company, INFORSILVA preserves the present, seeking to innovate in the future. And the future is today! Therefore, we intend to preserve the Environment, so that your life has a sustainable environment, that is what characterizes us. Therefore, as an entity, we seek to properly separate waste materials in order to allow their reuse.


In the purchase of any product/service, you will be accompanied by a legal document that proves the acquisition of the good, immediately at the time of its availability.


empty packaging

Humanity's great challenge is to reduce all use of plastic components. Being known for large polymers (formed by large molecules with varied special characteristics and coming from petrochemical processes and with different names). Although these can be recycled, every day we witness episodes of pollution caused by these harmful materials and extremely considerable pollutants emitters for a sustainable cycle for our Planet. We always try to divide empty packaging so that the recycling of materials gives a new direction to all the material used based on plastic.


recycled card

We try to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible, opting for the maximum use of recycled material.




The packaging of INFORSILVA® brand products (Ink Cartridges, Toner's and A4 size labels) are subject to a review after being used by the Customer, and those that are in good condition will be reused. Not for the sake of cost reduction, but for everyone's interest.

For the Planet. for yourself.

Integrated in the area of technology and innovation,  INFORSILVA seeks, of course, to give its feedback, together with the most important feedback, yours, on how technology should face its near future in terms of materials in use, always opting for the least harmful and obviously, the recyclables. We are therefore in the race to contribute to a more sustainable technology. That's our motto!  We count on you!

And what about the present?

It depends on you and us. We work in the present to reserve a good future. INFORSILVA, in addition to giving priority to good customer service, seeks to maximize all its travels, as well as opting for remote customer support. This will benefit you, as you will be able to receive the answers to your problems more quickly, as we know that road journeys are largely time consuming. Times change and with that INFORSILVA aims at the gradual renewal of its car fleet and the assiduous priority in alternative energies, namely the option for electric vehicles.

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