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General conditions of Sale

Invoice Elements

In the purchase of any product/service, you will be accompanied by a legal document that proves the acquisition of the good, immediately at the time of its availability.  

Payment Terms

In the sales document, payment terms will be made available, they can range from Instant Payment (first purchase) to a maximum of 30 days (later purchases). On the good initiative of INFORSILVA | Soluções Informáticas, and in order to facilitate the enjoyment of the means/products made available by us, as well as the positive results during the use of the solution acquired by you, we decided, whether or not mentioned in the invoice, to extend the maximum period for the good collection of the amount stipulated therein. Please respect our instructions and contribute to a solid and cyclical economy, avoiding accumulating outstanding amounts. We work for trust, and clearly, through the partnership period, we can facilitate you in this regard. Inform yourself with one of our collaborators.

Operating Lease

Also known as Renting, it is a solution that allows you to acquire solutions (Hardware/Software) without an initial entry and with programmed monthly fees in a simple, smooth way that keeps your entity modern and efficient.


  • Renting is a 100% deductible cost, being an expense fully deductible from the Company's operating costs.

  • It keeps the Company's revenue liquidity and credit lines intact for other purposes, with amortization costs being divided by the duration of the contract.

  • Regular installments with easier to plan payments, with fixed rents until the end of the contract.

  • Option to upgrade equipment, without the need to use them until the end of the contract. Evolution is synonymous with improvement, what is enough today, tomorrow will not be. Evolve without total investments. Your company will always have a modern image.

  • 100% financing with no down payment. You do not need to make any type of entry.

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