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General conditions of Sale

Via credit card

If you prefer to pay for your purchases in the online store using a credit card, you can do so with complete security, because following compliance with the security rules issued by VISA Internacional® and Mastercard®/Europay® Internacional, from 1 of April 2001, all requests for authorization to carry out transactions using cards from the above-mentioned systems must/may only be processed by Redunicre® provided that the security code (example CVV2/CVC2) of the respective card is included in the elements provided in your possession at the time of purchase.


That same security code is a three-digit number printed on the back of your card, after the number, on the right side of the signature panel of all VISA® and Mastercard® cards. This acquisition method will only be possible, at the moment, up to a maximum amount of €270.


To facilitate the completion of future purchases, your credit card data may be recorded, being associated and safeguarded in your account in an encrypted way.


Information relating to credit cards is treated securely under the certificates uploaded when opening our website ( INFORSILVA.COM ). It is also possible to consult the list of saved credit cards and delete all or part of their content in the private area of our website ( register here ) accessible from the menu “My wallet” within “My profile”. In this case, the credit card data will not appear again either in the Customer's account or in future orders, but will be stored until the user (holder of the account necessarily created to make a purchase on our website) deletes them.


Via PayPal®

By selecting this payment method, you will be redirected to the PayPal® website, where you must enter your access data to complete the order.



If you prefer payment by Multibanco, we will send our NIB/IBAN and the value of your order to your email, which you can pay at any ATM (or Home Banking™/MB Way® application).



For example:

Entity: INFORSILVA, Soluções Informáticas, LDA.

NIB/IBAN: PT50 0000 0000 0000 0001

Amount payable: €00.01


Heads up:

This data will be sent to you only and exclusively after your purchase in our online store, and in no case before. They must also be sent for each purchase you make and only if you select this method. We remind you that the proof of purchase (invoice) is only delivered via email after the payment is approved or together with the order, if you prefer to receive it by post or pick it up at our facilities.


In situations of cancellation or returns, the refund is guaranteed by the means in which the payment was made. Always safely and using a credit note that can be sent by post or delivered by hand at our facilities.


If the NIB is linked to your account, the amount is credited to your bank account.


If there is no NIB associated, the amount is credited in cash or you will be asked for a NIB/IBAN to make the deposit, in order to guarantee the fastest reimbursement, and this amount can (totally or partially) be used in future purchases at INFORSILVA, in case the credit note remains open.

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