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General Data Protection Regulation


  • The privacy and security of our Customers and Partners' personal data are INFORSILVA's main priority | IT Solutions. 

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has undergone profound changes due to the protection of European Citizens. Ensuring a regulatory framework and a significant paradigm in the life of business organizations, including yours, if eventually you are a business owner.

  • In order for you to continue to have the privilege of accessing all our news and for the treatment of your personal information to be as confidential as possible, as well as specific access to all our products and solutions, we need your consent. In order to continue to provide you with an excellent service, we ask you to confirm that you agree by accepting the notice about the "Cookies" policy while browsing our page, confirming that  We can continue to give the best direction to your personal data and in order to improve your browsing experience and interaction with our products and services. 

how to apply

  • Much has been written and transmitted about the amendment to the General Data Protection Regulation on the 25th of May. We therefore leave several alerts regarding its entry into force: 
    In the case of an Organization

  • Consents given by workers before the aforementioned date are void;

  • Resumes – The entity must proceed to the safe destruction of the same ones that it has in its possession;

  • As for the ones you receive, you will have to define in advance a period for their conservation, and after their validity you must also destroy them (for this purpose, it is suggested to use a computer application that automatically eliminates the documents);

  • Existing files on physical support (using doors and locks) that contain personal data must be closed;

  • Only the person responsible for the personal data can have access to them, even when the process is not active, access must be prohibited to unauthorized third parties;

  • The documents called drafts cannot be used in any way when they contain personal information;

  • If there is an undue attack on the documentation, it must be reported to the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) within 72 hours after becoming aware of the situation;

  • It is convenient to always inform the CNPD, as fines will be foreseen for failure to communicate within the due deadlines;

  • Please note that access to everything visible in your office will be available to cleaning staff and those responsible for security;

  • In case of attachment of wages to workers, the pay slip must not be sent to the Enforcement Agent;

  • The request for personal data in a contractual (employment contract) or pre-contractual relationship does not violate the GDPR. You will not be able to use these same data for other purposes;

  • The current employment contracts will have to have an amendment to contemplate the changes imposed from May 25, 2018;

  • The employment contracts to be concluded will have to have new clauses.

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