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INFORSILVA | Soluções Informáticas started its activity in September 2006, with the current manager and founder Joel Silva, at a time when the business complex of the Felgueiras area was undergoing a rupture and profound transformation. At that time we believed in our value, given the perception of a market without changes but at the same time in need of valid alternatives, quick solutions and accessible to all, without exception. Our focus was on a diversified and non-specific market (Footwear Industry, Accounting Solutions, Commercial Establishments, among others), always focusing on the quality of assistance and a good relationship with organizations / individuals. Because we know that Information and Communication Technologies must reach everyone, equally. Believing that the good use of them can make you grow in the competitive world in which we find ourselves.


We have a set of solutions and services fully focused on everything necessary to make the day-to-day of a workplace, an office and an organization as efficient and profitable as possible, so that this can be reflected in the your ability to respond to your Customers and Partners, so that your company becomes a reference!

Services and Distribution Channels


We're anywhere, anytime - You choose!




Felgueiras -  Located in the center of the city of Felgueiras, a strategic option that proved to be extremely important for our growth. Customers chose us, and it was thinking of ourselves that we decided to move forward with this project, doing the best for them, as it will certainly be the best for us. With a Repair Center equipped with human and technological resources, we have a very competitive response time, both for private and corporate customers.




On our portal, as well as on the social networks Facebook & Twitter , you can keep in direct contact with us, obtain information about the services we have for you, access to updated products and Order Quotation Requests, online store in inforsilva. pt , as well as contact by phone or via E-Mail. We are here to help you, we have everything you need.


Remote support


In person or remotely, we have a permanent remote assistance service, which in seconds, we can go to your side, to help you find the root of the problem and, intuitively, solve them. You can get remote support from our homepage.


Geographic Availability


We operate in several cities in the north of Portugal, with very competitive values and delivery times, giving full quality assurance on our IT solutions, so that your office never misses what it needs to always be one step ahead.




We currently have 4 support vehicles for the provision of our services, in order to provide a quick response time to the Customer. We have a structure capable of serving from the smallest Business to a large Organization, always focusing on quality and low cost.



Continue to provide and offer  affordable solutions with the quality that characterizes us.



To be a reference among the various technological solutions.



The best solution - Innovate

information sharing  about technology  - The key to success

professionalism - Comprehensive customer orientation

Acting with Integrity - Success of a Team

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