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Pssst! express

Your business is something precious. Fruit of a lot of time invested, money and above all, your dreams. As there are some variants, nothing can be overlooked!

Nowadays, having a solid, flawless billing system, equipped with security, certified and above all coming from one of the best national software brands is a big step towards your success!

What if this solution is completely free? What if, in addition to simple invoicing, it allows you to manage your dream business? Well, Pssst! is the ideal solution for your Startup!!

Check it out with the following advantages:

  • Solution certified by the Tax and Customs Authority;

  • Completely free;

  • It includes all operations necessary for the invoicing and management of restaurant, beverage and similar establishments;

  • Easy to use, even for those without computer knowledge;

  • Technical support;

  • Allows billing up to 40,000 Euros per year.

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