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Shall we secure your information?       


InforSIbackup is the latest solution to keep your company's information safe and free from attacks. It is a program that makes backup copies efficiently and places them  in a safe location.




Keep your company database and files safe. Enable backup in InforSIbackup so that it immediately performs an instant or scheduled backup at any time you want. Eliminate that excess of backups to external devices, with this solution.


Where is the information stored?    


Your information is encrypted and stored in an authentic safe outside your company, immune to attacks.


Management of your information    


Our software allows you to manage all your information that is stored from anywhere/device.


What is the main purpose of our software?    


Keep all your information safe, protected from ransomware through multi-factor authentication with exclusive access. In addition, this solution has a very competitive cost in the current backup market.

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