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Footwear Industry

The Footwear Production Management Software that we have is, in fact, one of the established leaders in the footwear business fabric. As the sector is constantly reinventing itself, or if clothing were not something biased, having a Management solution interconnected with all the know-how of your business organization, combined with the mandatory technological advancement of the sector, becomes extremely crucial. Portugal is at the top of the countries that affirm fashion trends worldwide, it is something we are already used to and we end up devaluing it, however, the market does not devalue us. Therefore, it is important that the quality, strongly combined with the response times and innovation, counts on the great organization and competitiveness that this solution can bring to the day-to-day and Workflow of your industry.

Create and maintain a virtual sample catalog to show the quality of your shoes to the world's biggest brands...

Technical files


  • Spent raw materials;

  • Final value for the production of each sample;

  • Prices per customer;

  • Prices by tiers;

  • Placement of photographs.

Fichas Técnicas

Did you go to a fair? Do you have prospects for a new business? Manage Customer Sample Orders...

Customer Sample Order


  • Order records;

  • Printing orders;

  • Printing of labels for samples;

  • Possibility of producing an order from the sample request.

Pedido de Amostras

Keep in touch with your partners in the most organized way and communicate with them in the fastest and most organized way...



  • Contact database;

  • Suppliers' price history;

  • Ceiling control;

  • Credit insurance.


With the management of the orders you have in your backlog, you can really count on all the supporting documents for the entire production...



  • Launching orders;

  • Issuance of manufacturing sheets;

  • Manufacturing sheet for subcontractors;

  • Issuance of automatic service requests;

  • Control of subcontractor requisitions;

  • Issuance of labels for the boxes; Packing Lists;

  • Labels for tariffs.


Control all available, reserved and requested stock in your warehouse! Avoid production stoppages and productivity losses...


  • Control of raw material stocks;

  • Issuance of automatic requests for raw materials;

  • Collection and realization of inventories of all items accounted for in stock.


Monitor and control the entire production sector! Find out what state a particular order is in! Track your organization's productivity in real time...

Production Monitoring/Planning (Optional)

  • Know at every moment what is produced and what remains to be produced;

  • Control the daily production load;

  • Print labels at the finish;

  • Possibility of placing a screen in production with information by production order sector with information on availability of raw materials;

  • Possibility of placing a screen in the shipment with the deliveries scheduled for that period;

  • Possibility of a reader on the packaging and automatic invoicing based on the readings (Barcode or QR Code).

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